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Posts made in June, 2016

A completely open Siri bot platform? Not so fast

By on Jun 30, 2016 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

Every top tech company has announced its interest in conversation as a way to interact with computers this year. Microsoft announced its Bot Framework, Facebook opened Messenger to developers, Google announced Allo, and Amazon keeps expanding Alexa. Until recently, one tech giant was missing: Apple. At their WWDC conference, Apple finally announced its entry into...

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Amazon Prime will knock $50 off an Android phone if you look at Amazon’s lock-screen ads

By on Jun 30, 2016 in Mobility Strategy | 0 comments

Ever since the Fire Phone flop, everyone has been waiting to see if Amazon would return to the phone business. Those expecting to see Fire Phone 2 will have to wait (potentially forever), but that doesn’t mean Amazon is giving up entirely. The online merchant remains a big seller of other manufacturers’ phones. Now the company is trying to see if it can leverage...

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MATRIX is Building an Internet of Things That Actually Works

By on Jun 29, 2016 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. Every connected device, be it for home automation, automobiles, or next-gen manufacturing and retail is marketed as “smart.” The problem is, up to this point, much of what we’ve seen from IoT is the foundation; laying the “connected things” infrastructure and imbuing every device in sight with...

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9 essential IFTTT recipes for iOS users

By on Jun 29, 2016 in Mobility Strategy | 0 comments

Enlarge Image Taylor Martin/CNET When everything is operating smoothly and all your devices and services are working together, it’s still cumbersome, at best. Whether you’re traveling for business or setting up a complex smart home, taking the time to set up some IFTTT recipes is worth the investment. Things you used to spend several minutes doing will...

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Facebook from other sites with new Save and Share Chrome extensions

By on Jun 28, 2016 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

Facebook colonized the internet with its Like button that sees 10 billion views per day around the web. Now it’s getting a makeover for mobile alongside the launch of two new Save and Share Chrome extensions that let you capture content from any site. Together, these updates should help fill the News Feed with news stories from around the web, and turn Facebook into...

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