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Posts made in November, 2016

Russia Avoids Android To Secure Its Smartphone Future

By on Nov 30, 2016 in Mobility Strategy | 0 comments

Finnish-based smartphone and software developer Jolla has announced that its mobile operating system, Sailfish OS, has been accepted as “the only mobile OS in Russia to be used in governmental and government controlled corporations’ upcoming mobile device projects.” The certification of Sailfish OS will allow the Russian government and associated agencies to reduce...

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Apple Needs To Quickly Address Another iPhone Problem

By on Nov 29, 2016 in Mobility Strategy | 0 comments

More people are writing about a small frustration with their iPhone or iPad. Hopefully Apple is listening to them, because if Cupertino is not careful there’s going to be some trouble in the shangri-la of iOS. I’m talking about the slowly rising levels of calendar spam. Apple’s calendar app allows invites to be sent by unauthenticated users and pushed directly to a...

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Q and A with a security expert who is making our mobile networks safer

By on Nov 29, 2016 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

An Imperial academic talks about his work rooting out cyber-attacks on phone networks in order to make them safer. Professor Erol Gelenbe, from Imperial’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, has successfully concluded a large European project, which he was leading and coordinating, looking at ways of making our phones more secure and robust. The...

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Galaxy S8 won’t just copy all of iPhone 8′s features, it might have some tricks of its own

By on Nov 28, 2016 in Mobility Strategy | 0 comments

Samsung is paying attention to Apple when it comes to plotting the course of it smartphone division. According to numerous reports, the Galaxy S8 will bring over a few features that are surely coming on the iPhone 8 next year (all-screen design with buttons and sensors incorporated into the display) and features that are available in this year’s iPhone 7 (3D Touch...

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