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BlackBerry Says It’s Not Abandoning Its BB10 Devices

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Last week, the United States government announced that it will no longer issue Senate staffers with BlackBerry handsets simply because the company has stopped making BB10 devices, according to Recode.

In an internal email originally procured by Bomble, it stated that BlackBerry has informed mobile carriers Verizon and ATT that it has discontinued production of BlackBerry OS 10 devices like the Q10, Z10, Z30 Passport and the Classic.

BB10 or BlackBerry OS 10 is BlackBerry’s very own mobile operating system that is used by its own line of smartphones. 

The OS specilizes in security and privacy which is why the U.S. government issued BlackBerry handsets to staffers in the first place.

BlackBerry was once considered to be one of the smartphone giants in the market until Apple’s iPhone and the slew of Android smartphones took over.

BlackBerry remained in the phone-making business by concentrating on its enterprise customers instead of competing with other smartphone makers with the mass consumers.

Now, it seems as though the Canadian phone maker is abandoning its efforts to keep on making BB10 devices entirely and is focusing solely on making phones running on Android, Google’s mobile operating system.

Late last year, BlackBerry released the Priv, the company’s first android smartphone that features a sliding physical keyboard.

Design Trend reported yesterday that the company will be releasing three more Android smartphones in the coming three quarters.

However, it looks like the report on discontinuing BB10 devices was misinterpreted, and BlackBerry has already clarified it.

“The statement about discontinuation of BlackBerry 10 at ATT and Verizon is incorrect,” the company responded when CrackBerry reached out for comment.

“BlackBerry’s device strategy is based on a cross-platform model where we’ll continue to support our BlackBerry 10 platform while expanding our device offering to include Android-based device.”

The phone maker also added that it is now focusing on delivering the version 10.3.3 update to BB10 that is slated to be released next month as well as another update scheduled for next year.

Although the phone maker denies entirely discontinuing BB10 devices, it did confirm however that it will be ceasing production of the BlackBerry Classic.

The company says that this is simply part of its new efforts of changing its smartphone lineup and does not mean it will stop supporting sales of its BB10 devices.

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