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New iPhone Leak Reveals Powerful Upgrade – Forbes

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Whatever advances Apple makes in the iPhones it releases in 2018, it looks like one key area will be in the performance of the battery. Latest reports suggest that Apple is working on replacing the current two-cell design with an improved single-cell design… as long as the engineers can work it into an L-shape. The report comes from noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities (reports Mikey Campbell and others). By integrating the current two cell structure into a single L-shaped cell there will be more internal volume to store the energy,...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 gets refreshed design as Android 8.0 Oreo …

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If we take a look at last year’s Galaxy S7, most users in the UK began receiving the update in March. This was mainly due to Samsung releasing the update but the networks then taking their time to test it before pushing it out to consumers. Speaking to earlier in the year an EE spokesperson revealed: “Like the majority of UK networks, we’re working with Samsung and hope to have an approved nougat O/S file to roll out to our Galaxy S7 customers shortly.”  The same is likely to happen with Oreo as Samsung will have to...

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Why 2018 Could Be an Especially Lucrative Year for Apple and Its iPhone

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Although 2017 will see Apple generate billions of dollars in profit and only add to its ever-growing cash hoard, 2018 looks even more promising. Several reports this week surfaced saying Apple could have a lucrative 2018. In addition to reports that Apple will offer three new iPhones next year in a bid to increase revenue in that critical product segment, the company’s AirPods earbuds are also set to soar. Get Data Sheet, Fortune’s technology newsletter Beyond that, the week was dominated by small improvements to some of Apple’s platforms,...

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Microsoft’s Android apps offer the best Windows mobile experience to date

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A few weeks ago, we did something weird. We set aside the Google Pixel launcher on the Pixel XL in favor of the new Microsoft Launcher, Microsoft’s rebranded Arrow Android launcher, which was first launched back in 2015. Then, we took it a step further and downloaded and made default both the new Microsoft Edge browser for Android, and Cortana for Android. The result? The best Microsoft mobile experience available. It’s no secret that Windows Mobile has failed. Not only is its market share tiny, but a Microsoft executive also recently...

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Next year’s iPhone batteries look like they’re getting bigger

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Will the next iPhone X have a better battery? Sarah Tew/CNET The latest iPhones do a lot of amazing things, but they’re mostly the same old story when it comes to battery life. Maybe 2018 will be the year when Apple’s batteries will see some improvement. A new report from respected industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at KGI Securities says that the next trio of iPhones coming in 2018 will all have larger L-shaped batteries inside, just like the iPhone X. Battery capacities could be as high as 3,000 mAh, 9to5Mac reports. That could mean...

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Top #4 Failed Technologies from World’s Biggest Tech Giants

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You’re reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. It’s a fact universally acknowledged that technology makes human lives easier and convenient.  Every year we see a bunch of cool new gadgets and smartphones debuting in the market with amazing features and design that increase the competition among their rivals. Surely technology may benefit us but it can also have a negative impact on our lives. Despite the buzz, some technologies fail because either people are not ready to adopt it or because it...

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Next year’s 6.1-inch iPhone will revert to a more colorful metal back …

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Last month, there was speculation from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indicating that we could see three new full-screen iPhones with notched displays launch in 2018: one with a 6.5-inch OLED display, another with a 5.8-inch OLED like the iPhone X, and still another with a 6.1-inch LCD display. Now, a report by Nikkei (and spotted by 9to5Mac) says that the LCD model “will probably sport a metal back” and be “available in several colors.” The paper cites a single unnamed source that supports Kuo’s claim of two premium OLED-based iPhones,...

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Microsoft patents new design for foldable Windows 10 mobile device

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Another patent on rumored Microsoft Surface foldable mobile appeared online. This one provides the closer look at the device and how Microsoft wants to position their next mobile device. It is not the first time that a Microsoft foldable device patent has emerged online. Earlier there were a quite a few patents suggesting Microsoft still has its attempt left in mobile space. Although we don’t know anything about when this device will be available to the market or what kind of Windows 10 operating system it will run, we are only speculating...

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Freefly’s newest Movi stabilizer is made for the iPhone

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Freefly is a company that’s best known for making camera stabilization rigs typically used by professionals, or ambitious semi-pros. But the company is trying to change that with a new $299 handheld stabilization called the Movi that is supposed to help you step up your iPhone video game. Preorders start today, and the first units ship in March 2018. The new mobile rig shares the same name as the professional version that first helped Freefly blow up its business in 2013. That Movi was a light, adjustable, and affordable stabilization rig...

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