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Android O probably isn’t named Orangina, but what if it is?

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We’re getting closer and closer to the end of August, and Android O still doesn’t have a name. I’ve already compiled the various likely options — which include Oreo, Oatmeal Cookie, and Orange-flavored things — and torn my hair out over Google possibly classifying Octopus as a dessert. Related The case for Android Oreo And yet, here at the 11th hour of Android O, naming speculation throws a monkey wrench into my carefully crafted theories and investigations: Orangina soda, which has emerged as an unlikely — but not impossible — candidate for...

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Web Design: Native, Hybrid or Responsive, What Format Is Made For Your Mobile Application

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JESHOOTS / Pixabay Native, hybrid or responsive: what format to choose to make your mobile users live a successful experience. We take stock! At some point, when designing your mobile application, you will have to decide on how you will develop the application. Your choices include native applications, hybrid applications and responsive websites and the decision you make will affect the end product. Learning to make the right decision requires understanding how each type of development works and how it affects the end product. There are three...

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Apple’s Accidental Leak ‘Confirms’ iPhone 8 Design

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Apple ’s HomePod accident delivered a mother lode of iPhone 8 information. The company’s own code verified two exclusives (1, 2) I published last month and now in conjunction with this I can confirm the iPhone 8’s production-ready final design… Following on from my renders last month, I have been able to obtain a prototype of Apple’s finalised iPhone 8 design. Unlike a number of dummy units which have surfaced in recent months, this is not a crude slab but a highly detailed model constructed with premium materials and operational power,...

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Royole Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater To Offer Select Films From Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Through All …

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FREMONT, Calif., Aug. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Royole Corporation will now offer owners of the Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater an opportunity to enjoy watching their favorite feature films through a new app called “Royole Lounge.”  Royole Lounge is a completely integrated digital video service, making it easier than ever for fans to experience the premium features of the Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater.  With every new purchase of a Royole Moon, consumers will be offered three SD, HD or 3D movies from Sony Pictures Home...

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The iPhone 8 name game: What will Apple call its new phone?

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As you’ve probably noticed in recent days, iPhone rumor season has hit fever pitch. The conventional wisdom is that there will be three iPhones this year instead of the traditional two. The “iPhone 7S” and “iPhone 7S Plus” would be the traditional “S phone” upgrades we get in odd-numbered years, keeping the same basic design we’ve seen since the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 2014, while adding some new under-the-hood hardware improvements — the requisite faster CPU and better cameras, along with...

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Is the New Windows 10 Mobile OS Microsoft’s Andromeda OS for Surface Phone?

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Microsoft has been wanting to unify the Windows 10 experience across device platforms for some time now; since before it was released, in fact. But while that pot boils, Microsoft is doing several things. Let’s take a look at how this story is shaping up, and what the ending (new beginning?) might look like. First of all, let’s tackle the problem of mobile. This is and has always been Microsoft’s weak spot; Achilles Heel, if you will. The introduction of Windows Phone and then Windows 10 Mobile was a success of sorts, but it did not fully...

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Nobody wants to buy a $1000 iPhone, Barclays says

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Thursday Apple Rumors: iPhone 8 to Include Virtual Home Button

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Leading the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) rumor mill today is news of how the iPhone 8’s Home button will work. Today, we’ll look at that and other Apple Rumors for Thursday. Home Button: A new bit of information from the HomePod firmware gives details on the iPhone 8, reports MacRumors. The details specifically give insight into the Home button for the iPhone 8. It appears that Apple will be ditching the physical Home button in favor of a virtual one. The data suggests that this button can be resized and will appear at the bottom of the device....

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Is Your iPhone Cable Spying On You?

Posted by on 12:02 pm in Mobility Strategy | 0 comments marketplace The spy device, on sale via Amazon Marketplace for just $50 Don’t worry too much if you’re using an original Apple cable, but there are some really shady third-party cables available online that allow people to spy on you. These cables, like the one shown above, have a hidden SIM card slot that can connect to GSM mobile networks and can be used for nefarious activity. Freely for sale on Amazon’s marketplace, and plenty of other online stores, are USB and iPhone cables that can be used to listen to your...

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eScan raises red flag against Xiaomi’s MIUI OS, alerts smartphone users

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Bangalore: eScan’s latest study warns users of Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi against multiple flaws in its MIUI OS. Undoubtedly, India has a dominant position in the mobile data user world and is about to surpass the US and become the second largest smartphone market after China. The number of mobile internet users in India is estimated to reach around 420 million by June 2017 with the rural India growing at a much higher rate than urban India says a report published by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) market research firm...

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