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New iPhone Leak Confirms Apple’s Significant Decision

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Apple is set to sacrifice screen quality for margins in this year’s iPhone portfolio. The latest reports from the supply chains and analysts suggest that the Cupertino-based company will choose cheaper LCD screens for the new iPhones expected in September 2018. That’s great news for Apple’s bottom line, but it leaves the iPhone lagging behind Android devices in terms of quality and appearance. Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) at the San Jose Convention Center (Photo: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty...

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Dr. Dipesh Navsaria: Parental controls are a good tool, but not the same as parenting

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Two weeks ago, Apple announced upcoming options in the next version of their mobile operating system aimed at tracking screen usage. Notably, this appears to be in response to pressure from activist shareholders who are concerned about the potential harms of mobile device overuse. A key feature is the ability for a parent to monitor usage, set automatic limits, and so on. I’ve been asked whether this is a good thing for parents and children. For the most part, this is a step in the right direction. More and more evidence shows that there is a...

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Apple Leak ‘Confirms’ New iPhone X Cancellation

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Olixar is back. The popular case maker, with a remarkable track record of smartphone leaks, has updated information on Apple ’s major iPhone refresh and it sings a very different tune…  Having repeatedly claimed Apple would produce a ‘mini iPhone X‘ no larger than the iPhone SE (and produced the schematics to prove it), Olixar says new sources have confirmed Apple’s new models will instead be the largest iPhones it has ever made. In fact, Olixar is so confident in this information it has started production on its official line of...

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Broadcast Technologist, CNBC

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Reporting to the VP of Engineering Graphics Technologies (VPEGT), the Broadcast Technologist (BT) will be working within a team of Broadcast Engineers and Newsroom Systems Engineers to provide front line engineering support of all of the technologies that comprise CNBC’s state-of-the-art cable network World Headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, as well as its domestic news bureaus and Financial Exchanges. A strong emphasis will be placed on the support of Core Plant technology, complex software systems and related ingest, storage, Media...

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2018 iPhones could have OLED screens like iPhone X and there’s new hope for Steam Link

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This week in iPhone news, developers with access to the iOS 12 preview found major security improvements that’ll come to iPhones everywhere. Are they meant to keep out government officials, hackers, or both? And gamers are one step closer to streaming video games to their iPhones and iPads, now that Valve’s made a change to its Steam Link app, in an ongoing saga. Here are the latest stories on all things iPhone. iOS 12 shuts down hackers and keeps devs from your data If you know what you’re doing (aka are either a hacker or...

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Android and antitrust: The EU’s Google case explained

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Google’s Android mobile operating system is based on open-source software, but some of the most useful parts of it – Maps and Search, for instance – are proprietary, and the company makes sure that anyone wanting to use those features has to use other services that make it money too. If an investigation by the European Union’s antitrust authority finds that that behavior constitutes abuse of a dominant market position, it could expose Google to a fine of up to US$11 billion. While the fine won’t have much effect on Android...

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Apple to Stick With Cheaper Screens as Consumers Balk at iPhone X Price Tag

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Apple Inc. is developing production plans for its next iPhones that stress cheaper liquid-crystal displays, in a sign of consumers’ sensitivity to the price of smartphones. Apple expects LCD models to make up the majority of iPhone sales in its lineup to be released this fall, a greater proportion than analysts had anticipated, and plans to use the displays next year as well, said people involved in the Apple supply chain. The…

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Apple closes law enforcement loophole for the iPhone

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(CNN Money) — Apple is about to make it much harder for law enforcement agencies to gain access to information on iPhones. The company will include a new feature, called USB Restricted Mode, in a future update of its iOS software, which runs on iPhones and iPads. The feature disables data transfer through the Lightning port one hour after a phone was last locked, preventing popular third-party hacking tools used by law enforcement from accessing the device. The port can still be used for charging. “We’re constantly strengthening the security...

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New iPhone Leak Exposes Apple’s Powerful Decision

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In a new research note provided to by AppleInsider, Jun Zhang of Rosenblatt Securities believes that Apple will upgrade from 5V 2A to 9V 2A and 5V 3A charging circuitry in its upcoming iPhone generation. Their interest in doing so is to “support more applications , provide a quicker recharge, and better compete with Android OEMs.” Apple will accomplish this, according to Zhang, by using Power Integrations as the lone supplier for its fast-charging chipsets, while using Flextronics and Artesyn for its upcoming iPad Pro and iPhones....

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Apple Tests Feature That Could Hamper Investigators’ Access to iPhones

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Apple Inc. said it is working on a new security feature that could make it harder for investigators to retrieve data from iPhones, the latest twist in its long-running standoff with law-enforcement agencies over user privacy. The new software feature, called USB Restricted Mode, is being beta-tested by Apple. It prevents other devices—personal computers, for example—from accessing data on the iPhone via its Lightning port an hour after a phone is last unlocked. …

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