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Google’s lightweight OS Android Go launches as Android Oreo (Go Edition)

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Google’s made a number of tweaks since announcing Android Go back at I/O in May. The lightweight version is finally ready to launch, albeit with a slightly altered name. The OS is launching with the release of Android 8.1, now carrying the decidedly less catchy Android Oreo (Go edition) title. As per the new name, the Go version isn’t an altogether different operating system than the primary version of Android. In fact, in a number of ways, the software types are likely indistinguishable, and Google’s devoting a team to assuring that the Go...

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Qualcomm announces ‘always connected’ Windows 10 mobile PCs

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Video: New ARM processors for mobile devices tailored to AI and VR Qualcomm has announced the introduction of Windows 10 on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile PC platform to create “always connected” laptops with up to Gigabit LTE connectivity. We’ve become used to rapid speeds on our smartphones and tablets, always-on connectivity, cool usage without fans or overheating, and generally acceptable battery life. However, this experience is not necessarily reflected in our laptops and hybrid devices. These days, if a laptop...

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It’s time to update your iPhone

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Graphic Design Platform Canva Now Has an Android App

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Canva is finally available on Android. And for 10 million plus Canva users around the world, the move is a welcomed addition to this popular design application. Making Canva available on Android now means more than 2 billion monthly active mobile users will have access to the DIY design platform on devices running the popular operating system. With the mission of giving designers the ability to “Design Anything, Publish Anywhere,” the company now offers its solution on two of the most popular mobile platforms. The Canvas platform was launched...

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? The iPhone X’s Face ID

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Credit: Apple/YouTube Unlocking a phone with your face may not be the best idea Apple ever had. Anyone who has been paying attention to what’s going on around them for at least some portion of their life has almost certainly experienced Murphy’s Law. If something can go wrong, it will go wrong. And yet, time and again the response to something new is “Let’s do it! What could possibly go wrong?” Case in point, iPhone X’s Face ID. Credit: Wikipedia Like taking a selfie? Face palm Technology evolves when it adapts to the way you do things and...

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Mobile learning: Africa’s hope for the future

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It is being reported our continent has some 700 million mobile phone connections at least half of which have access to the internet

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PSA: Is your iPhone suddenly crashing? Here’s why (and how to fix it)

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Is your iOS device rebooting itself seemingly at random this morning? You’re not alone. Apple is having a pretty rough week when it comes to nasty software bugs. First there was that crazy admin login bypass in macOS – now a glitch is causing iOS devices around the world to crash. Here’s what’s happening: a glitch in the notifications system is crashing springboard, the part of iOS that handles your home screen. Apps with daily notifications (workout apps, medication reminder apps, etc), in particular, seem to be triggering the crash… but...

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Why the OnePlus 5 smartphone rocks

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Visit us on Instagram To be You;  Facebook: To be You; e-mail The phone’s primary camera has a 16MP f/1.7 aperture with an Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). PHOTO BY SHOUN NICHOLAS DAVID New smartphone brand OnePlus 5 is touted to deliver a powerful performance in a gadget whose design is best described as gorgeous. At first glance, it looks like an iPhone. It comes in an anodized aluminum body, with a 2.5D Gorilla Glass 5 display and 1080px AMOLED screen, which makes the phone stand out. As it turned out, the longer...

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The iPhone X will be delivered to your door in just a week

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A week after iPhone X shipping estimates dropped to 1-2 weeks, Apple has further improved delivery times for its best iPhone ever, practically guaranteeing iPhone users they’ll be able to buy the handset in time for Christmas. The current shipping estimate on Apple’s US online store is December 8th, meaning that Apple needs just a week to fulfill your order. You still can buy an iPhone X with same-day pickup in most Apple retail stores. And carriers may also have stock. But if you want to have it delivered to your door the good news is that...

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Qualcomm alleges that Apple’s iPhone infringes on Palm Pre patents

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Shortly after the announcement of the iPhone X in September, my colleague Natasha Lomas noted the similarities between the phone and how WebOS operated on the Palm Pre. She ended her article, noting “in the iPhone X it’s clear you’re looking at a little ghost of the Pre.” It seems that Qualcomm’s legal team was taking note; they cited that line in a complaint alleging that Apple ripped off Palm’s patented interface. In the latest escalation of the nearly year-long legal battle, Qualcomm filed three complaints Wednesday in U.S. District Court...

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