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Galaxy S8 Oreo roll-out proves the biggest problem with Android

By on Mar 11, 2018 in Mobile Design | 0 comments

Android is a phenomenal operating system.

The open-source software allows users an unprecedented level of customisation, system-level support for third-party apps, and deep ties with Google Assistant – easily the most competent smart assistant on the market right now.

However, when it comes to updates, Android is a real mess.

As it stands, the latest version of Android only runs on a meagre 1.1per cent of all Android hardware worldwide, with 2016’s Android Nougat powering 28.5 per cent, and 2015’s Android Marshmallow at 28.1per cent.

Every year, Google executives will take to the stage during the company’s annual developer conference and unveil the latest iteration of Android.

The team behind the latest innovations will proudly discuss the new features, design tweaks, and security improvements coming to the mobile operating system.

The new version of Android – inevitably named after a popular dessert or snack – will roll-out to Google Pixel and Nexus-branded in the summer.

And then third-party device manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, OnePlus and LG will drag their feet bringing the new operating system to their latest smartphones – adding their own features, tweaks and user interface designs.

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